Sacramento’s Growing Bike Culture – 3 Great Summer Activities


Davis might still be considered by most to be the bike capital of the U.S., but as Sacramento is growing, so is the city’s bike culture. Not only do we have amazing bike trails and paths that weave along the river, but the up-and-coming midtown and downtown areas are becoming more and more bike-friendly. There are plenty of other bike-centric opportunities within Sacramento – here are a few of the best.


1) BikeParty Sacramento

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BikeParty Sacramento was founded in 2012 by Conrad Lawrence, a West Sacramento resident and Burning Man devotee. It has since become one of the most fun, inclusive bike-related social events on the scene. They’re held on the first Friday of every month, and always have fun themes like “Halloween,” “Mustache Ride,” or “Star Wars vs Star Trek.” BikeParty now attracts hundreds of bicyclists from all ages and skill levels. People are encouraged to decorate their bikes with colored lights. The best part is that the whole event is free every month!



2) Sac Brew Bike

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Sac Brew Bike is one of the best ways to experience Sacramento’s eclectic bar and brewery culture with family and friends – all while behind the pedals! Sac Brew Bike has great relationships with 14 of the city’s best bar and tap rooms, and the standard 2-hour tour allows for about 30 minutes at each stop. It starts and ends from Sac Brew Bike’s own bar in midtown that boasts an impressive selection itself. Once it begins, you can even drink while biking! There are also private tour options that can be used for other city tours.


3) Jedidiah Smith Memorial Trail

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Also known as the American River Trail, this multi-purpose pathway is highly regarded as one of the best bike trails in Sacramento and even California. The full trail runs 32 miles throughout the region from Discovery Park in Old Sac all the way to Beal’s Point. The flat, paved surface makes it an ideal experience for both beginners and seasoned veterans. It also allows for other activities like walking, running, in-line skating, and in some areas, horseback riding. There are several entry points and restrooms along the trail, and the cool delta breeze ensures a pleasant ride.